R. Paul Wilson's FAN-2-C (aka Completely Zapped)

FAN-2-C (fan-to-see) is Paul Wilson's ingenious version of the classic effect "Zapped!".

A fan of five cards is shown, face up. The performer riffles the indexes of the cards with his thumb and the hand visibly changes to a Royal Flush! It looks exactly like the original "Zapped!" but with one important difference - with Fan-2-C you can immediately hand the cards out to be examined! And that's just the first item in the book!

The Fan-2-C gaff has countless uses. In this booklet, Paul gives over twenty five ideas, effects and routines! Change the cards in your hands, on the table or even in a spectator's own hand! That's right, the cards change in their hands!

Applications for other effects are also given. From four ace locations and assemblies to cards across and transpositions - the possibilities are endless.

FAN-2-C is a fifty two page booklet illustrated with over eighty full color photographs. You will be ready use the "2-C" gaff minutes after receiving your file and following the easy-to-follow instructions.

The Fan-2-C booklet, with everything you need to know to make your own gaffs and perform countless effects, is $22.50 and is delivered via instant download! To order, click on the link below and you will immediately be sent a download link to the email you register with PAYPAL. You will have 24 hours to use the link provided.

FAN-2-C is a 4.7MB download. The download link should arrive within minutes of placing your order. Some AOL customers should consider temporarily disabling their anti-spam filters to ensure they receive the download email. As always, simply report any problems to info@rpaulwilson.com and Paul will arrange a direct download as soon as possible.

Get FAN-2-C now for only $22.50