Welcome to the Circle of Confidence, a collection of lecture notes, private correspondence and collected ideas from R. Paul Wilson.


  • A.Z.E. - an utterly impossible magician-fooling location with a borrowed, shuffled deck.

  • WEST COAST SLOW - a slow-motion, invisible pass.

  • ACROSS THE VOID - two excellent coin routines.

  • OMERTA - seventeen effects from Paul's out-of-print 2001 lecture notes.





Imagine borrowing a shuffled deck of cards, having it cut into three piles, each shuffled again as a random card is selected and lost in the shuffled deck - all done by the spectator.


When the deck is returned to you, you care able to find the selected card instantly.


Imagine being able to do this blindfolded!


A.Z.E. is Paul's advanced version of Absolute Zero, a baffling location that used a prearranged deck.


This method may be performed with any deck that is legitimately shuffled before the performer touches it and has fooled many of the best minds in magic. 


No sleights. No gaffs. No questions asked.


PDF Illustrated.


Paul's slow motion, invisible pass.


Fully illustrated with Paul's method for the Instant Pass where packets transpose at the moment they are brought together without hesitation of clumsy repositioning of fingers.


Named by James Patton, The West Coast Slow can be used as part of an Ambitious Card routine and even as a colour change!


PDF Illustrated.






Two versions of the classic "coins across" plot and a short essay on "magician's eye".


  • COOL YOUR JETS - Three coins travel from your closed fist to the spectator's hand in this super-simple variation on Akira Fuji's "Jet Coins".

  • ON YOUR METAL - Three coins begin travelling from hand to hand but the third seems to get stuck and your finger ring from the other hand travels instead!  To complete the effect, the ring transforms into the third coin and is found back on your finger.

PDF Illustrated.


Paul's impossible-to-find lecture notes from 2001, now available as an Ebook featuring effects with cards, coins and other cool stuff.


  • TIPLESS - a silk to note routine that will fool the wise guys and a perfect opening effect.

  • MISSED IN THE MIST - two coins appear, melt away and reappear before vanishing again.

  • WISE GUYS - an instant, commercial collectors.

  • THE CONCAM INCIDENT - a powerful, baffling two deck routine that Paul has recently returned to his professional act.

  • D-GENERATE GAMBLERS - a funny, entertaining blackjack demonstration.

  • THE JAZZ TWO STEP - two ahead is better than one in this baffling version of Jazz Aces.

  • CONCAM RENDEZVOUS - a real fooler using Elmsley's "Penelope Principle".

  • PITHLEAVIS ACES - the progenitor of Paul's "Back Four" ace production plot.

  • ANTIPATHY - use the "Antifaro" to fool people badly.

  • 8CARDBW+2 - Nick Trost's classic effect with more cards and a great display.

  • BACK INTO TIME - Roy Walton's brilliant Travellers In Time

  • INSLOW COPPER SILVER - one of the best copper silver transpositions routines with three powerful phases.

  • DF REVELATION - a hand-drawn prediction proves to have more than one dimension.

  • THREE BITS ON THE BAND - touches and refinements for rubber band magic.

  • FECH ME? FECH YOU! - Fechter's classic transposition with four cards.

  • THE CAMEL'S BACK - a baffling bar stunt that can be repeated over and over.

  • LOCATION LESS POSSIBLE - a simple fooler that baffles magicians.

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Several years ago, I decided to collate the most important lessons I've learned about magic. 


As a magician, I've been fortunate to count many great thinkers, creators and performers as friends and mentors. The contents of this book represent almost forty years of experience through failure and success. 


This book was written as a reminder to myself of what works, what doesn't and how I've learned to approach the art.


Over the years I've shared this with friends, discussed it in lectures and offered to anyone interested in more than just tricks. It's a short read but will hopefully give you a great deal to think about.


This book is offered on the honour system - pay nothing or enter a suitable amount.


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