G.T.F.M. stands for "Get The Money": a magical, impossible gambling game where the rules are incredibly fair but the outcome is perfectly predicted.


R. Paul Wilson has transformed a hidden Dai Vernon effect into a baffling game of Russian Roulette with six playing cards. 


This eBook and video teaches every detail and is entirely self-working:


  • Only six cards and one prediction is used.

  • The procedure is written on the reverse of the prediction.

  • No prevarication, you play the game according to the written procedure.

  • The spectator makes every decision.

  • No spelling. They name the number on an imaginary die and that's the number used.

  • You win every single time.


The challenge presentation forces people to think about every detail while being completely misdirected from the brilliant method.


G.T.F.M. is the result of almost twenty years of refinement and experimentation with Dai Vernon's original effect and Paul's final solution solves all the problems and leaves the audience completely baffled.​


PDF includes a video description of the routine - follow the link given in the manuscript.





"We're going to play a game."


"You will have five chances to win and only one way to lose but trust me, you are definitely going to lose."

"I'm even going to let you make all the decisions and to make sure I don't cheat or change the rules, I've written them down on this piece of paper..."