If you've ever experienced Dai Vernon's Out of Sight, Out of Mind as a spectator, you already understand the power of that killer moment when the performer asks you to name the card you are merely thinking-of...and then reveals it instantly!


It's easily one of the greatest effects in all of card magic.


If you're new to this effect, this eBook and video teaches every detail and if you've ever performed Vernon's original, you will immediately appreciate the improvements Paul has made to this classic routine:


  • A refined selection procedure that seems fairer and less studied.

  • An improved shuffle sequence that's easier and ends in a better, fairer situation.

  • A "no questions asked" method.

  • A completely "hands off" ending - the deck is set down before the card is named.

  • Alternate handlings from a self-working method to miracle vanish and reproduction.

  • Other ideas and suggestions.

  • Paul's underground "zero questions" revelation - show their card without knowing what it is!

  • The location of a "real mind reading" secret in a well-known book you probably already own!

  • Includes "Think Stop" where the performer responds to a spectator's unspoken command.


JUST THiNK is the result of decades studying, performing and improving this effect for lay people and magicians.  


NOTE: PDF includes a video description - just follow the link in the manuscript.




Imagine having a card merely thought-of in any borrowed, shuffled deck and to locate that card with 100% accuracy without any questions, unnatural moves or procedures.

R. Paul Wilson's revolutionary refinement of a Vernon classic is as close to real magic or mind reading you can get with an ordinary deck.