Ebook edition of Paul's highly sought-after booklet "13" originally published in 2002 with a foreword by master magician Earl Nelson.


Included are thirteen effects and one bonus trick, in case you're a wee bit superstitious.


Effects with cards, coins, thread and borrowed money:


  • UPRISING - a selected card rises out of the deck then transforms into four of a kind.

  • THREADBARE - after exposing the "secret thread" used to float a bill, the performer cuts it away leaving the bill suspended in space.

  • 1002.5 ACES - a magician fooling strategy for Elmsley's classic assembly.

  • THROUGH 3 - just three coins pass through any table. No gaffs or hidden extras.

  • THIEF OF HEARTS - a stunning, romantic memento.

  • GONE WISHIN' - three coins appear and vanish.

  • Fl-ASH - Paul's original flash paper prediction and transformation.

  • HOVERCRAFT - borrow a deck then make it levitate off the borrowed card box.

  • THE BACK FOUR - Paul's groundbreaking one-handed instant ace production behind your back!

  • A NEW WAVE - three coins appear from an empty purse, vanish, appear in the purse.

  • PUNCH TOO - a brilliant, powerful sucker effect that never fails to hook a sucker.

  • BOXWITCH - cards on top of the card box are instantly switched out.

  • BLIN PEN - tear off a piece of a signed bill, vanish it and find it inside the pen. 

  • PLUS - a center dealing demonstration for those who like puzzles.


THIRTEEN is now an Ebook in PDF format, fully illustrated by Rosie Rings. 



Thirteen routines fully described and illustrated.